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Luring Lucy: A Novella

Luring Lucy: A Novella - Lori Foster Originally part of the Real Men Last All Night Anthology, I can honestly say I've read Luring Lucy numerous times since that first release. I never grow tired of reading as Bram convinces Lucy that it's time to take their relationship from friends to lovers.

What keeps me coming back?

1. Lucy and Bram are mature, older (40ish) adults. There's nothing fake about this couple. They are the real deal.
2. Lucy was married to Bram's best friend who cheated on her and, before the divorce was final, got himself killed by drunk-driving.
3. Bram's loyalty to Lucy. He's stuck beside her through it all. He loves her 2 teens like his own.
4. Lucy's body is that of a woman in her age group!
5. The absolute best sex scene I've ever read in a contemporary novella. I know, that's quite a compliment right? The love these two have suppressed for years explodes onto those pages. It may also have something to do with the description of Bram's "package" and how persuasive he is while, uh-hm, using it. I'll let you be the judge. ;)