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One Perfect Night

One Perfect Night - Bella Andre 6.13.13 - FREE ON KINDLE RIGHT NOW! Don't miss out on a great read!

"One day I'm going to tell you you're beautiful and you're already going to know it." He brushed the pad of his thumb against her lower lip. "You're going to hear me say it so many times that you'll never forget for one single second just how beautiful you are. I'm going to tell you you're beautiful when you wake and I'm going to tell you you're beautiful when you fall asleep. And I'm going to tell you how beautiful you are when you're..."

I'll let Noah finish that sentence for you. Don't mind me, I'll just sit here swooning.

Honestly, this book shouldn't have been so good. Typically, I'm annoyed by love-at-first-sight novellas. The relationship moves too quickly for my taste. But from the moment I met Colbie and Noah, I knew they were special.

Colbie is hurting after discovering her ex-boyfriend cheating on her. She's lost faith in love. While on a vacation with her friends, she meets Noah atop a mountain in Lake Tahoe. In the few minutes they are together, Colbie is struck with fear over how instantaneous Noah gets under her skin. She runs; rather she flies down a mountain on skis she can barely keep under her. One week later, they both can't quit thinking about the other, and -- as Fate would have it -- they end up in the same restaurant.

Noah refuses to let Colbie run away again. He comes from a good home complete with loving parents. He wants what his parents have. He knows what he feels for Colbie is different from anything he's ever felt before. What happens after that is beautiful (and okay, it's hot too!) Noah is the kind of man who states (and takes) what he wants instead of asking, but he's so gentle you'll just want to snuggle with him forever! He proves to Colbie, in one perfect night, that love does exist and it's theirs for the taking.