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Skin Deep (I-Team, #5.5)

Skin Deep (I-Team, #5.5) - Pamela Clare Wow, this novella hit all my happy buttons! It's also the first Pamela Clare book I've read. Before I even finished Skin Deep, I'd added every single one of her books to my TBR list! That's including the historicals--which I never read. That should tell you how much I enjoyed her writing.

Megan and Nate tugged at my heartstrings throughout this book. I didn't want to put it down, and it put me in a crabby mood when I had to! The pain Megan's endured in her life broke my heart. She felt damaged, broken, and as if no one would ever be able to forgive her for her past mistakes. Nate's scars, and his worry over never finding someone who could look past them, put tears in my eyes.

When Nate first kisses her, and she's shocked by how it made her feel, I wanted to hug her and tell her it would be okay. I needed to know it would be okay. The little kissing experiments they have was so sweet, special, and hot! Normally, I would be peeved at how quickly they make love. Nothing destroys a book faster for me than seeing abuse survivors--who are still exhibiting signs of PTSD--jump into having sex. I'm telling you, it did not feel rushed between Megan and Nate at all!! He lets her come to him, he lets her set the pace, he swallows his insecurities (with her help) so that she can feel in control, and they give so much to each other. It was beautiful, and okay, I had tears in my eyes...then, I needed a cold shower!

There is an added element of suspense as Megan's past comes back to haunt her. It is very well done, and really progressed the story to a satisfactory conclusion.

I adored all the secondary characters. I'm late to the party, but from what I gather, all the guys are part of the I-Team series. I really loved Nate's father, Jack; he reminded me of my grandfather. Megan's sweet, little Emily was so precious, and watching all the men fawn over her made me smile.

Surprise, the epilogue made me cry! I know, I think I needed a box of Kleenex while reading this. There's just some books that strike a cord on my tear reserve, and this one seemed to keep the floodgates open.

Really, just read this book. You won't be sorry!