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Seduced by the Wolf (Heart of the Wolf, #5)

Seduced by the Wolf (Heart of the Wolf, #5) - Terry Spear “Seduced by the Wolf” is the 5th installment in the Heart of a Wolf Series by Terry Spear. It marks the first of her books that I’ve read. I was excited to get my hands on a new shapeshifter novel! Since Lora Leigh’s Breeds Series is fizzling out for me (so sad), I’m ready to sink my teeth into a new series!

The first requirement I look for in a great series is Stand-Alone Quality. Picking up a book halfway through its series shouldn’t leave me confused. Instead, it should make me want to rush out, or online, to grab up previous works. The second requirement I look for is Remarkable Characterization. Not only should the main characters fall into this category, but the supporting cast better too! To me, those supporting players need to be every bit as great because one of them may be starring in their own book soon! If they are boring with a capital B then I won’t be continuing the series. Sadly, this book fell flat for me on both counts. I found it very difficult to finish. Let me explain why.

The premise is good. Wolf researcher, Cassie, lands in Oregon ready to educate ignorant ranchers on the importance of saving wolves. She is stunned to realize she’s popped up right in the middle of werewolf territory, and has caught the eye of their pack leader. She tries, unsuccessfully, to hide the fact that she’s a fellow werewolf and a royal. Leidolf decides she’ll make a perfect mate. She runs away from him – A LOT – but never leaves town because she’s in search of a mama wolf and her pups.

Sounds good, right? Yeah, I thought so too until I was suddenly thrust into a variety of secondary plots that left my head spinning!


There’s a lot of running around in the forest where hunters are after them. Cassie’s fellow wolf researcher, Alex, shows up with the insane idea that they are going to get married and be the perfect team. I say insane because from what I read there’s no grounds for Alex to believe such a thing would ever happen, but he’s tracking her through the forest anyway. There are a couple of rogue pack members in the forest. There’s a single father trying like a madman to find a mate. Cassie’s dead cousin, Aimee, isn’t really dead and she’s looking for her in the crowded forest. Someone gets tranquilized – and then another, and another, and another. At one point I wondered how it was possible they weren’t stumbling upon each other at every turn! Then, Cassie and Leidolf have sex – at his cabin in the forest of course – and she’s suddenly deciding she can be his mate if he complies with her wishes, even though she doesn’t trust that he will. It seemed she was more in lust than in love. And there’s more – dinner with the pack at Leidolf’s ranch, a bullet wound, a stolen Jag with a crazy wolf sidekick, a mad dash into (you got it) the forest to flee from the sheriff, twins in love with the same wolf boy, and zoo entrapment just to name a few.

While you could say there’s literally something for everyone in this book, I never found my footing within its pages. If you’re a fan of chaos this is the book for you! If you’re like me, and prefer a more peaceful reading experience, pass this one up.