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The Bigger They Are...  (Lovers on the Fringe, #2) - Stephanie Julian I read Size Matters (Book 1 of Stephanie's Lovers on the Fringe Series) and have been meaning to get around to reading this one ever since. It just so happened that I found myself needing a quick/fun/entertaining book and immediately thought it was high-time to read The Bigger They Are...!

I loved the chemistry between Andy and Jenna. Andy's a laid-back kinda guy whose discovering just how lonely his life is. Jenna is a boring accountant...but don't hold that against the girl. She and Andy are true fandom geeks and I adored that common thread between them! There's not a huge amount of character development and, of course, the romance moves so fast you'll get whiplash, but I can live with that. The Bigger They Are... is simply a fun little read with plenty of one-liners to make you laugh and a cast of interesting characters. The sex isn't something to scoff at either. It's the perfect book to quench your thirst for romance with a twist of paranormal!