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...willing to go all night!
Simply Irresistible - Jill Shalvis I am no stranger to the dynamite writing of Jill Shalvis. One of my favorite books ever is a little Harlequin Temptation titled Aftershock. Admittedly, it's been a while since I've read any of her books. Mostly because it seemed as if I always had something else to read.

Listen up! I'm only going to say this once. It pains me to confess any such flaw in my character, but I will sacrifice myself if I can get even one person to give this book a read. I was wrong! I appreciate all the slack-jawed expressions, but I'm tellin' the truth, y'all. After a few emotionally heavy books, I wanted something light to pass the time before digging into another erotic romance. As I was scrolling through books on my TBR list, I passed by Simply Irresistible (for like the 100th time), but this time, my inner goddess jumped up from her spot lounging by the pool and pointedly glared at me. I heard her loud and clear, "How dare you, Tammie! Jill Shalvis used to be an automatic buy for us. Girlfriend, you need to get our head out of all that erotica nonsense." (FYI: she didn't really mean that. My inner goddess loves her erotica.) However, I knew what she was saying--switch it up before all the panty-melting alphas destroy vital brain cells! It was a major brain malfunction to keep passing up her books. Don't make the same mistake.

There are so many great reviews of Simply Irresistible that I don't feel there's much else I can add about the plot. Instead, I'll just list some of my favorite things about this book:

1. Witnessing Maddie's character growth from "The Mouse" to "The Leading Lady of Her Life"

2. The cutest & funniest "meet" I've read in a while.

3. True, honest-to-goodness, sexual tension! I guess my inner goddess was right--we do read too much erotica. I'd forgotten how satisfying, and what a seat-squirmer, old-fashioned anticipation can be like. Jax flirts & can't keep his hands off Maddie from the start; it's sexy as hell!

4. Seeing Maddie, Tara, and Chloe bond, fight, and love. The developing relationship between the sisters is a brilliant thing.

5. This whole book tugged at my heartstrings.

6. I laughed so much I thought I might need Chloe's inhaler! My gawd, every few pages it seemed as if something cracked me up.

7. You will fall in love with this charming town and all its citizens!

And finally, if nothing I've said before this point can convince you to read Simply Irresistible, I'll let Jax do the talking...

Then he slid the bottoms down her legs and paused at the sight of her Supergirl bikini panties. "Did I ever tell you," he murmured, dropping to his knees to press a kiss to her bruised hip, "that I'm pretty convinced you have your own superpowers?"

Bending her head to take in the top of his, she gave him a shaky smile that she knew didn't make it to her eyes. "What are they?"

"The power to get past all my walls..."

Sweet Jesus, Jax is dreamy!

Now that you've wasted precious time reading my so-tired-I-doubt-I-make-sense-but-I-needed-to-tell-you-to-read-this-book review, don't waste another second. READ THIS BOOK INSTEAD!

To Jill Shalvis: I swear never to bypass another of your books, to forever keep you on my auto-buy list, and to knit one of Maddie's boyfriend scarfs for each person I love. Thank you. ;-)

DISCLAIMER: This review was written under the influence of sinus medication. Please don't hold my weirdness against me.