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...willing to go all night!
Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning The Sinners are back with Rock Hard Sed Lionheart! There's a lot of great detailed reviews for this book, so I'm only going to hit on a few things.


...how crystal clear it is that Sed loves Jessica, has never stopped loving her, and will do anything to win her back once they reunite in a very unexpected way.

...how Sed knows all the words to "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion.

...Sed and Jessica's explosive passion! There's a lot less kink in this book than there was in the first book. I fully believe that's because these two need nothing more than each other to set fireworks off! They do enjoy the thrill of having sex in public places.

...Sed's competitive attitude (with himself) in the sack! This man is all about pleasing his woman, and at one point I thought *I* might pass out from his gifted talents! lol

...getting to know the Sinners even more. Trey's brother, Dare, is in this one a lot. I hope we get a story about him in the future!

...Jessica figuring out why Sed does/says certain things. It took her a while, but she finally "gets it" and clearly sees their entire history.

...the ending. So funny with all the betting going on between Sinners!


...how badly Jessica wanted to hurt Sed. I know it's because she wasn't over him -- not even a little -- but I felt bad for him at times!

...the marathon sex. Don't get me wrong, these two have no problems in that department, but after pages upon pages upon more pages of sex, I got a little bored. Not enough for me to put the book away or even to dock it points, but enough to be a slight annoyance.

...when things go wrong for Trey and only Sed and Jessica suspect what's going on. The rest of the Sinners are oblivious and Myrna, who is always good at reading people, doesn't even believe it. I found that so hard to believe that it was a huge issue for me there at the end.

There's a lot more to love than hate about this book, which is the reason I chose to give it 5-stars instead of 4!