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If You Were Mine - Bella Andre This is just ridiculous! Never, in my life as a dedicated romance reader, have I been so enamored with a group of men. Oh, I've loved plenty heroes, but no series has been able to capture my heart quite like this one. The Sullivans get better with every single book!

If You Were Mine is the fifth in this series and features Zach Sullivan, mogul mechanic, ladies’ man, charmer, and the sexiest of all the Sullivan brothers. No, really. THE. SEXIEST. I wouldn’t lie to you.

The story begins with Gabe (who incidentally held the top spot on my list of sexiest Sullivan brothers until Zach came along) asking Zach to puppysit his family’s brand new Yorkie, Cuddles, while they’re away on a two-week vacation. Zach relunctantly agrees, and soon finds himself wishing he hadn't. That is, until Heather Linsey and her Great Dane, Atlas, walk into his life.

As a favor to a friend, Heather arrives at Zach's auto shop to offer her assistance as a dog trainer. She takes an instant disliking to Zach. His charming ways remind her too much of her father. Zach sees Heather, wants Heather, and stop at nothing to have her. He dishes out so many one-liners and sexy smiles that even I couldn't help but roll my eyes! Heather resists him until Zach's approach changes and the real man, behind his stunning good looks, is revealed. After that, she really doesn't stand a chance.

Heather is such a likeable heroine! She's successful, determined, happy with the life she has, but she's far from perfect. Her parents were not good role models; it has left her with a bad view of love, and self-inflicted scars that are a daily reminder of why can't let herself fall in love. Zach's reasons for not wanting a relationship are no-less heartbreaking. His father's death left a huge impression on Zach. Both our H/h think they aren't in danger of love, at least until they can no longer deny it.

Zach says:
"I never said I didn't believe in love," he clarified. "I just said I wasn't looking for it. But I didn't know you were coming into my life. I couldn't have known." He looked into eyes that were so beautiful, whether lit with laughter or hazy with passion. "I meant it when I said you were mine. From the first moment I set eyes on you, I knew it. You knew it, too, Heather. That the first time we met, the first time we touched, the first time we kissed, I was yours."

If you're a fan of animals, amazing families, books that will make you not only laugh but cry, and two people well-deserving of a HEA, then don't hesitate to read this! Now. You won't be sorry!

There's an epilogue that sets up Ryan's book, Let Me Be the One. It is an evil epilogue. I'm debating on offering Ms. Andre my life-savings to get my hands on it! Let Me Be The One will be out in Fall (a lifetime away!) 2012.

5+ stars!</b