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Hearts in Darkness - Laura Kaye Freakin' fantabulous cover!
Equally stupendous book!

Hearts in Darkness isn't like any stuck-in-an-elevator book I've read. Caden & Mckenna have only enough time to get brief glimpses of each other before the elevator goes black. Then, Caden has a panic attack. Yes, our hero is a bit claustrophobic and we find out the heartbreaking story behind Caden's fear and scars. As the hours pass, they really get to know each other. They laugh, share stories, and the sexual tension thickens. The real fun begins after they are rescued, neither wanting to walk away, and both full of uncertainties. I loved when Caden took the ultimate chance with Mckenna. It all leads to a very fulfilling ending! My only wish was for an epilogue so we could see how they settle into a relationship. But, really, I have no complaints. It's a great, quick, read that I highly recommend!