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Lucky in Love - Jill Shalvis Jill's Lucky Harbor series continues to get better with EVERY BOOK I READ. It isn't often that a series doesn't start to lose me after 3 or 4 books. In fact, I really like that these stories continue in Lucky Harbor, but Lucky in Love is the start of a brand new trilogy within this series--The Chocoholics; Mallory, Amy, and Grace! Such a fun trio!

Mallory is a Lucky Harbor native. This good-girl is an ER nurse who puts everyone on the list ahead of her. She spends her time taking care of anyone who needs her help. Mallory really is the town sweetheart, but when Ty literally falls at her feet, she decides she's willing to put her good-girl status on hold for some decidedly bad-girl fun with the guy Lucky Harbor's gossip circle has dubbed: Mysterious Cute Guy. Mallory's too much of a caretaker, though, and she recognizes someone in need of saving. She really has the purest of hearts, but she's tough, too.

Ty...gawd, Jill really outdid herself with his character. Former Navy SEAL, Ty, is dealing with a four year-old nightmare he can't shake. Ty was a medic on his SEAL team and watched all of his friends die after a plane crash he walked away from. Survivor's guilt weighs heavily on his shoulders. He doesn't form attachments--any--but, before he can blink, Mallory turns into way more than anything he's ever had. ALL of Lucky Harbor becomes special to him, but Ty is determined not to stay. He's recuperating and as soon as Dr. Josh Scott gives him his travelling orders, he's gone. Ty is so far in denial it could be his middle name. He likes the town and its nosy people. He swims, runs, beats up Matt at the gym, spends time rebuilding as classic Shelby Mustang, and every chance he gets, Ty shows Mallory what it's like to walk on the wild side. He's delicious. He's a healer who cares deeply. In a nutshell, he's Mallory's perfect match. They're honest with each other from the get-go and the way they navigate their relationship is wonderful.

SO GOOD! Now, Amy and Matt's story is up next and, thankfully, I started late on this series so it's already out for me to inhale, lol! All the teasing little glimpses of them have me excited to see how Matt gets his girl.