Certified Bed Reader...

...willing to go all night!
Come A Little Bit Closer - Bella Andre By now, you probably know I have somewhat of a love affair going with all the Sullivan hotties (and Sophie's man, Jake, too!). It's really unfair that Bella Andre write such perfect men, because then I just want one for myself and--lets face it--there will never be a man as perfect as Chase, Marcus, Jake, Gabe, Zach, Ryan or...SMITH!

Smith, oh Smith, how I've wanted to crawl into bed with you since book 1. Honey, you did NOT disappoint. I fell in love with all your brothers, but it's you who's a continuous, charming surprise. You're alpha, no doubt about it, but you have this gooey-center that's soooo incredibly sexy. The way you love your family, how respectful and honest you are, your fantastic work-ethic, how you see what you want and go after it without EVER giving up. Valentina is one lucky woman. In fact, I'd be insanely jealous if not for the fact that she's kinda perfect for you. I didn't always feel that way, but as you wove your charming magic aaaaalllllll over her (whew, I just experienced a fully body shiver), I knew I'd end up liking her.

Smith, honey, don't let it go to your head -- and for goodness sake's, don't brag to your brothers -- but I think you're *whispering* my favorite. I know, I say it to all you Sullivans, but dammit, y'all make it so hard for me to choose!

Oh, and promise me you'll round up your brothers and take turns punching the douchebag whose been making Lori so upset for multiple books! I don't know what's going on with your sister, but I don't like it. NOT ONE BIT! No man is worth all that heartache. You tell her that.