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Measuring Up - Nyrae Dawn
"Annabel Lee, when are you going to realize there’s not much of anything I wouldn’t do when it comes to you?" - Tegan

Can we all agree the cover is just adorable? I love a good nuzzle! I also can't believe I don't read more YA books. It's a problem I plan on fixing; especially if it means reading more books by Nyrae Dawn.

The message of this book: learning to love yourself, who you are, and how to ignore anyone who tells/makes you feel you aren't good enough. I found it so easy to put myself in Annabel's shoes. Heck, I was Annabel back in high school! I know first-hand the kind of humiliation that goes with looking different. Annabel faces down her fears -- first with Tegan's help and then on her own. It's wonderful seeing that while her body grew stronger, so did her inner strength.

The romance between Annabel and Tegan blooms so perfectly. It was like experiencing the rush of first love all over again; their first date, first kiss, Tegan calling Annabel his girl, each of them throwing down for the other, confessing their love, their first time. It all kept a huge smile on my face!