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Meg - Steve Alten Holy shitballs!

If you follow my reviews, you know this isn't my typical read. AT ALL. I read it because, well, my best friend likes to throw things at me sometimes that aren't my norm. She claims it's good for me. *eyeing her with much contempt at the moment* Granted, there's been times her recommendations worked for me. This time, well... damn, lol.

Meg is a huge ass shark. THE EFFIN' HUGEST! The Megalodon dates all the way back to prehistoric times. It's a beast and believed to be extinct.

Enter Jonas Taylor, ex-Navy submersible expert and deep-sea guru. He's called to the Mariana Trench to inspect some sensors that have gone of the grid. If this were a movie, his where all the conflict would come to life. No one wants to work with Jonas. A previous exploration went bad and two of his coworkers wound up dead. Because of this, he's stuck to giving lectures about the Megalodon. He (of course, because there's always one) believes Megalodons are still alive and thriving!

He's right.

And what transpires out in the middle of that ocean is EFFIN' GRUESOME! Steve Alten does a remarkable job (much to the dismay of my stomach) with descriptions of the carnage left in the Meg's wake. Really, they were so good it's the reason I gave this book a 3.