Certified Bed Reader...

...willing to go all night!
All Worked Up - Eve Vaughn This quickie is the perfect size for a bedtime read. Unfortunately, that's where the pros end for me.

A size-18, divorced, single mother decides to get a personal trainer. The female trainer she requested is unavailable. Instead, she gets paired with the owner of Fit Co., and a former student of hers! It just so happens, Landon always had a thing for Gloria.

Sounds good, right? Right. I didn't know what was wrong with me to keep me from liking this book. Then, it all started adding up. How do I explain this...? Hmmm. Okay, it's like a dance that's technically perfect, but you can't connect with. All the steps were there, perfectly planned out, yet there was no fluidity in the scenes. It made me feel like I was reading an outline of the book instead of the real thing.

Two of my personal reading pet peeves showed up, too. One, the murder of natural dialogue and, two, referencing the hero's penis as his "member". Ugh.