Certified Bed Reader...

...willing to go all night!
Frigid - J Lynn It's as if J. Lynn took a peek at my Reading Checklist and strategically, one-by-one, checked off every item on it. Frigid did it for me -- big time! I enjoyed every single page. I didn't skim, become annoyed by the characters, or want to throw a hissy-fit because it wasn't going how I wanted it to.

Kyler and Sydney have been best friends since long before he was a manwhore and she became an anal-retentive hot mess! From chapter 1, you know these two love each other. It's clear to everyone but them! He's so protective and gentle with Sydney. *sigh*

Then, they get snowed-in together. THEN, Sydney lets her mouth do some talking. THEEEENNN, Kyler won't let her take it back! AND THEEEEEENNNN, they have some serious hot sex. Holy shit, it's hot! So hot, I was jealous. Whew, years of unrequited love worked for them, lol.

There's a bit of a mystery, though, I use that term loosely because I had no problem figuring out who was making trouble for them (and I don't think you'll be surprised by the "who" either). It tied it all together in a very intense moment that made me wanna scream! It had to be done, though, so they could work out Kyler's past and Sydney believe in their HEA. Don't worry, it's nothing crazy horrible. Kyler's 100% all about Sydney from start-to-finish. In fact, if you're looking for angst, this isn't your book. There's some during the book's Black Moment, but you don't feel this heady emotional weight.

Frigid is a feel-good book for those who love a friends-to-lovers theme. I'm hoping Tanner and Andrea get a story! Those two were great secondary characters.