Certified Bed Reader...

...willing to go all night!
Running Scared (Love's Command, #1) - Billi Jean I tried. I really, really did. I have to stop, though. There's a huge difference between a strong alpha male and a horny guy with control issues. I can't read another paragraph like this one...
All his mind could do was circle around the same thing. She was spread open like this, exactly how he had imagined her last night while he'd come explosively in his own hand. Except she was in flannel, and not naked and wet around him. He'd shot a huge amount of cum simply thinking of taking her against a wall, shoving up as he ground against her. He knew women had a spot right there in front, right where he'd be able to hit each time he tunneled through her wet heat. He'd blown his load imagining her like that, with those cute nails in his shoulders, holding him tight as he brought her to climax.

And that's not it. He's constantly thinking about how he wants to fuck her. The guy is obsessed with his penis and has an erection ALL THE EFFING TIME. It was like being in the mind of a teenage boy NOT a highly-skilled ex-Navy SEAL whose very job required a supreme amount of patience and control.

For the sake of finding out more of the "suspense" portion of this book, I can deal with that--UP UNTIL they have sex and it gets worse. Really worse. I promptly turned off my Nook, set it aside, and wrote this review.

Don't let my review dissuade you from reading this if the blurb strikes your fancy. I just couldn't click with it.