Certified Bed Reader...

...willing to go all night!
Tempting the Best Man - J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout Jerk.

All appropriate words when describing the "hero", Chase Gamble. I have a few questions for Madison...

1. How could you love such a [insert insult from above list here] for such a long time?
2. Chase treated you like "discarded trash" (your terminology, may I remind you) and yet you melted at his every touch. WHY?!

I get that Chase has issues, but there really wasn't anything that redeemed him in my eyes. When Madison decides to take a stand (a little too late imo), he's so completely clueless. The plot lacked the originality it needed to pull out a win for me.

Despite ALL that, I like this writer's voice. Really, I do. I found myself cracking up more than once, my favorite is when Madison gets a flat tire on the way to her brother's wedding, and calls her dad for help...

"Dad, I'm fine. I blew a tire about ten miles out."
Over the sounds of laughter and clanking silverware, her father huffed. "You did what?"
Her stomach rumbled, reminding her that it was past eleven and she hadn't had breakfast yet. "I blew a tire."
"You blew what?"
Madison rolled her eyes. "I blew a tire."
"Wait. I can't hear you. Guys, can you keep it down?" His voice got a little farther away from the mouthpiece. "Maddie's on the phone and she blew something." The room erupted in male laughter.
Oh. My. Freaking. God.

LOL, that's something that would happen to me! And there were plenty of moments, like that, where the writer's voice really shone. It's the reason I kept reading, and the reason I will read more of this series (and check out her YA books).