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A Very Naughty Xmas - Stephanie Julian, Olivia Cunning, Raven Morris, Cherrie Lynn, Cari Quinn Light Me Up by Cherrie Lynn -- 5 Stars!
Grabbed this anthology simply for Cherrie's story, which features Brian & Candace from [b:Rock Me|8135807|Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2)|Cherrie Lynn|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1273006270s/8135807.jpg|12932079]. OOooOOoohhhh, how I love me some Brian! This is the perfect little story to warm ya on a cold night - so sexy. It's good to catch up with them and see how their life together is shaping up.

NOTE: I haven't read the other stories in A Very Naughty Xmas, and not sure if I will.