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Versed in Desire - Anne Calhoun
Luke finished the bottle and deftly replaced the cap. "You were my best time," he said, the words pitched for my ears alone. "Standing up, fully clothed, just talking. I liked the way we breathed together. Made me wonder how you’ll sound just before you come."

COMPLETE. SENSORY. EXPERIENCE. Anne Calhoun does a remarkable job of engaging all your senses. I felt as if I were experiencing the slow build of sexual tension between Corryn and Luke. When they first met, Corryn didn't realize Luke was her new boss's best friend. She tells herself he's off-limits, but he doesn't make it easy for her. This brief story actually takes place over 6 months which lends credibility to the ending. My only complaint is that we miss a lot of the wooing Luke does over those months; I would've killed for a longer story!