Certified Bed Reader...

...willing to go all night!
Courage to Live - Morgan Q. O'Reilly I didn't read the first book, Til Death Undo Us, in this series because Courage to Live caught my attention more. Thankfully, it read well as a stand-alone!

Cayden/Cay is a hot-shot fighter pilot lieutenant (insert appropriate swoon here) that meets Candace when he moves in next door. He sees her, he wants her, and she doesn't stand a chance against his persistence. He walks into her life at the most inopportune time; Candace's abusive husband is missing and she's barely keeping it together.

Aside from that, Candace has an 11 year-old son, has barely survived the last beating from her husband only to be involved in a head-on collision, her car is totaled, her attitude is foul, and her neighbors believe she is the problem in the marriage. The woman's Irish temper gets her in more trouble than not, however, you have got to love a woman who doesn't back down no matter how many times she's knocked down! All of that would send most men running for Mount McKinley, but not Cay. No, Cay sticks by her side from the start.

Let me list some reasons why this book worked for me:

*Candace's love for her son, Rob, is nearly as beautiful as her son's love for his mama. At times, it's hard to remember he's just a boy.

*Candace & Cay don't jump into bed immediately though there is some sexual tension. He doesn't disguise his intent behind a friend's mask. He very clearly makes it known he wants more from her.

*Cay's photographer brother, Brennan, always seems to have a camera on-hand to document the best moments!

*Love seeing Brennan try to catch Whitney's eye. She's uncatchable...for the time being, but I suspect she'll be his lady love in his upcoming book.

*Cay's fly-by ala Top Gun! I don't want to spoil it, but even my heart was fluttering!

*I hooted with glee at Candace's well-timed flip of the bird. You'll love it, too!

There's clearly a lot to love about this book. My only real complaint is the mach speed in which their relationship progresses. Luckily, this is fiction--not real life--and all those pesky rules can easily be cast aside in the name of happily ever-after.