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Can't Help Falling In Love - Bella Andre Gabe rescues Megan and her daughter, Summer, during a frightening apartment fire. He's immediately drawn to Megan's strength and determination. After he's injured during their rescue, Megan and Summer visit him at the hospital to see how he is and to thank him for saving their lives. Despite their mutual attraction, both Gabe and Megan have rules that should keep them apart. Gabe never dates fire victims. Megan refuses to date risk-takers. But as luck would have it, they are thrown back together with a little help from Gabe's insightful sister and Megan's matchmaking daughter. I'm not always a fan of children in romance novels, but Summer was such a delight! I smiled with each antic she pulled. Also, I love how she was never treated like a secondary character. Summer is very much a part of the story, and it was wonderful seeing Gabe interact with her.

Gabe and Megan's relationship progresses in such a natural way that it felt real to me. Megan's fears after losing her husband broke my heart. Gabe overcame his emotional conflict a lot faster than she did. He didn't push her, though. He was patient and loving in his pursuit...and boy does he pursue!

Can't Help Falling in Love is the perfect example of why I love romance novels. In fact, I can say that about this entire series! The exciting meet, one or both of them resisting the spark of attraction, the first explosive kiss leading to rock-my-world sex, overcoming conflict while falling in love, and living happily ever after. It's rare that I find a book that does it ALL just as I want.

The next Sullivan to find happiness will be Sophie in I Only Have Eyes For You. The setup for she and Jake in Can't Help Falling in Love has me anxiously anticipating their story! If Jake is anything like the Sullivan men, I may need a defibrillator. A girl's heart can only take so much!