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Try Me - Olivia Cunning Likable heroine, sexy/geeky/wonderful hero, and a whole new group of Olivia Cunning's amazing rock stars to salivate over! I love immersing myself into the rock lifestyle Cunning writes. I wish there'd been an epilogue, so I hope we'll learn how Melanie & Gabe/Force are doing in the upcoming Sole Regret novellas.

*WARNING* This book contains a hero who likes to invent objects to drive the ladies crazy. You just might find yourself in need of a few objects of your own...and don't forget the batteries! ;-)

Try Me
Heroine: 3.5 stars
Hero: 4 stars
Plot/Originality: 3.5 stars
Voice: 4 stars
Steam Level (1/Low to 5/High): 5 stars
Overall Rating: 4 stars