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Twenty-Four Hours - Allie Standifer image

The only way I can imagine someone liking this book was if they were looking for 50 pages of sex riddled with phrases like "weeping core", "weeping erection", and my personal favorite, "c*me your brains out". The dialogue didn't feel natural to me. Honestly, I put it down while one of them was "weeping" and almost didn't pick it back up! Only reason I did was because I wanted to know how many more positions they could do in the twenty-four hours, lol.

Because of this book's huge sexfest, I never cared much about either of the characters.

Heroine: 1 star
Hero: 1 star
Plot/Originality: 1.5 stars
Voice: 1 star
Steam Level (1/Low to 5/High): 3 stars; the dirty talk was so laughable that I can't rate this any higher.

Overall Score: 1.5 stars!