Certified Bed Reader...

...willing to go all night!
Let Me In - Callie Croix Good read with intriguing characters and a bit of family drama I hadn't seen in a romance novel before. Liam is my new book boyfriend. Yes, he was that wonderful. He quite possibly had the patience of a saint to deal with Talia's insecurities and shame. She has good reason for both considering her mother's mental health she's a hoarder. I really thought it was unfair of Talia to assume Liam couldn't deal. He and his family had been in her life for two years, and there really was no sign that would suggest he wasn't seriously a good (hot, yummy, control freak in the bedroom, there for you in a crisis) guy. That was my only problem with Let Me In. I loved how Liam finally told Talia he wanted her, but he wouldn't stand around and let her jerk his feelings around.

Not bad at all for a quickie read!

Heroine: 4 stars
Hero: 5 stars
Plot/Originality: 4 stars
Voice: 4½ stars
Steam Level (1/Low to 5/High): 4 stars

Overall Score: 4.3 stars!