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Run the Risk - Lori Foster Take a look at my keepershelf and you'll find more than a handful penned by Lori Foster. She's been an auto-buy author for me for years, and when Harlequin & Netgalley offered me the opportunity to review this first book in her new Love Undercover series, I jumped at the chance!

Logan Riske is on an undercover mission to track down a possible witness to his best friend's murder. He's had no luck in finding Rowdy Yates, but has managed to locate Rowdy's sister, Pepper. Pepper is also undercover as apartment manager, Sue Meeks. From the start, Pepper's cold/hot, shy/bold attitude leaves Logan intrigued. His plan is to get close to Pepper and hopefully flush Rowdy out.

There was no flow for much of the first half of the book. Pepper succumbs to Logan far faster than I guessed it would take. They have some pretty hot, restrained (because Pepper refuses to show her body and is in complete control) sex. Rowdy, the ever-watchful brother, sees her getting close to Logan and, as Logan hoped, makes a move. Once Logan has Rowdy, secrets come out, and it turns out that Pepper is hiding more than just her body.

I did not like Pepper's lightning quick turnaround. She went from being this shy, little, plain Jane to a knockout with tons of attitude. I get that she was undercover, but it was such a drastic change in personality that I had a hard time believing it. I just never connected with her.

Logan made for a good hero, but he was nothing compared to Foster's previous alphas in her Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series. While it may be unfair to compare the two, I couldn't help it. I'd hoped for another killer romantic suspense series. What I got was an okay start to what I really hope will be a series that gets better.

Foster does a fabulous job foreshadowing the upcoming books. I found Reese to be an interesting hero. However, it's because of Rowdy (who captured all my attention) that I'll continue this series when Reese's story releases in April 2013.

2½ stars!