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An Uncommon Sense - Serenity Woods I'm struggling with expressing how I feel about this book in a way that doesn't seem as if I hated it or that it isn't worth your time. The truth is, I enjoyed An Uncommon Sense just fine. Maybe that's the problem I'm having; it was good, but not knock-your-socks off brilliant as I'd hoped.

Grace is a science teacher, therefore I fully expected her to be skeptical of Ash's abilities. That was no surprise. What annoyed me about her is that she seemed to have absolutely no filter between her immediate thoughts and her mouth. And it wasn't a cute personality trait--no matter how it appealed to Ash. To me, I felt like she crossed the line between honest and being just plain rude at times. I, also, didn't get how Grace could go from thinking he was a lunatic to having sex with him so quickly.

I felt exactly the opposite about Ash. His patience and understanding in Grace made me want to feel the same. He didn't push her to believe in him. Instead, he allowed her to gradually come to terms with his abilities on her own. He even liked her skepticism, and felt it helped to ground him. Ash was also an amazing dad!

2.5 stars