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Slade - Laurann Dohner I can divide this book into two parts: the first half, which was a solid 5 stars, and the second half, which took a nosedive to 3 stars.

What I Loved
♥ Slade's smart-mouth is a hoot!
♥ The chemistry between Slade & Trisha.
♥ A surprise that will rock the New Species world.
♥ The action while Slade & Trisha are on-the-run in the woods.
♥ Meeting Valiant!

What Made Me Cringe
- Trisha wasn't the heroine I thought she'd be.
- I hated how Slade leaves Trisha and didn't feel like it was true to the alpha-ways of the New Species.
- Didn't enjoy all the secrecy after Trisha is taken to Reservation. I felt she needed to be more upfront with him because he deserved to know immediately what was going on she was pregnant no matter how hurt she was!

All-in-all, Slade moved the storyline along even if I didn't fully enjoy the relationship between the H/h. It was still a good book, and I wouldn't skip it!

4 stars