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If You Know Her - Shiloh Walker If You Know Her is a fabulous ending to Shiloh Walker's Ash Trilogy! After three books, it's good to have all the loose ends tied up -- and, most importantly, to find out who the killer is! I had a pretty good idea in book one who the killer was, but then book two did such a great job at misleading me that I wound up with another suspect. Throughout If You Know Her, I flip-flopped a few times, but my gut instincts were right. Pay close attention to Lena's dog, Puck. He knows who the killer is!

On the romance-front, Law & Nia's relationship wasn't as special to me as the previous couples in the trilogy. I enjoyed them together, without a doubt, and their chemistry was wicked hot, but something felt missing to me. It could be that after three books, I was more focused on the suspense.

Speaking of the killer, he's creepy and gets plenty of creepy head-time in this book. There's some violent scenes that may be alarming to some readers. Read with caution.

4.5 stars!