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...willing to go all night!
Love's Rhythm - Lexxie Couper Nick isn't just a rockstar, he's the hottest rockstar on the planet. Sixteen years ago, he walked away from the love of his life -- and the son neither of them knew she was carrying -- to pursue his music. The Nick he is now isn't the same selfish boy he was then. When he thinks of his life, he can't imagine anyone he'd rather have in it more than Lauren.

I liked Nick. He wanted to right a wrong, to apologize to Lauren, but the instant he reconnects with her he knows it isn't enough. Then he discovers he's a father and he won't be denied the family he wants to claim.

While I liked Nick immensely, Lauren is another story. I get that she was hurt, and I can even understand why she initially wanted to keep their son away from him. Once Nick finds out, she doesn't try to make it right. She doesn't apologize for her actions even when he's obviously tortured by the thought of never having a chance to be a dad. Nick doesn't make excuses. He owns up to his part in it, but I never really thought Lauren did.

This is my first book by Lexxie Couper, and I really like her writing style. Looking forward to reading more from this author!