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Starstruck - Ashleigh Raine Starstruck reminds me of a fantasy I once had as a young adult. The one where I move to Hollywood, persue acting, meet my handsome moviestar crush and he can't deny his immediate feelings for me or the insanely perfect attraction that swirls around us! *sigh* You all had that fantasy, right? No?

Truthfully, this is a pleasant book. It's not overly complicated or full of drama. The heroine, Jenna, is working her butt off trying to make it in Hollywood. She's a smart, ambtitious woman who hasn't been tainted by the glitzy world. Micah, who at 32 has been in the business for 30 years, is drawn to her personality immediately. He likes everything about her. But Micah's been used before, and he fears it will happen again.

Their relationship progresses so fast that you just know something is going to happen to derail them. Strangely, I was okay with how predictable this book is. I can likely account that to Ms. Raine's writing style. This is the first book I've read by her, and I'm definitely intrigued enough to pick up more of her books.