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Doctor's Delight (Big Girls Lovin' Trilogy, #1)

Doctor's Delight (Big Girls Lovin' Trilogy, #1) - Angela Verdenius What a great book to just sit and enjoy. It was sweet, fun, sexy, and surprisingly light considering Ms. Verdenius tackles the ridicule many curvacious women are faced with in society! Being such a woman myself, I could sympathize with Cherry's insecurities. It isn't easy being confident in a world that glamorizes a size 0! I thought Rick was the perfect hero for Cherry. He chased her in a way that would make any woman swoon. He was considerate of her feelings, yet really pushed her past her comfort zone; realizing their would be no future for them if she couldn't trust him. Cherry's hang-ups might be annoying to some readers, but I think anyone can relate to her. There's a satisfying end to the story where Cherry takes a stand for herself!