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Size Matters (Lovers on the Fringe, #1)

Size Matters (Lovers on the Fringe, #1) - Stephanie Julian Reading this felt like a guilty pleasure; a special treat meant to bring me a moment of happy.

Confession #1: I bought Size Matters to find out if Mr. Bigfoot is as well-proportioned as the title implies. After all, when reading a book about Bigfoot, you really can't be too serious about the reality-factor.

Confession #2: This is the first book I've read by Stephanie Julian.

Confession #3: Ms. Julian has now done for Bigfoot what another famous Stephanie did for vampires. Who could have imagined Bigfoot wasn't some crazy, hairy, man-eating monster? No, really, he's not! He's actually a very sexy (and yes, well-proportioned) seven-foot mountain man who just happens to shift into a hairy creature.

Confession #4: Carrie is great! She's funny, smart, and has a nose for unusual news. And she's perfect in a crisis -- like finding out the man you've slept with is really Bigfoot while his cousin (a Yeti), and friend (a Fae), are visiting.

Confession #5: I now believe in Bigfoot.