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...willing to go all night!
Kissing Cowboy (Men of S.W.A.T., #3) - J.C. Wilder I thought the 3rd book in the Men of S.W.A.T. series to be sexy and fun, but not without its problems. It took a while for me to like a hero who could humiliate our heroine as he did when they were teenagers, then enter into a long-term relationship with our heroine's "prettier" sister. There was a good opportunity for Cowboy to redeem himself, but Pip didn't make him work for her or her forgiveness! I didn't think it was very hero-like of Cowboy to take Pip's virginity on the ground behind his truck. And the end was so very frustrating!

So why did I give this one 3 stars? The sexual tension was hot, and it features one of the most hilariously funny scenes I've ever read! I need to round-up a group of girlfriends like them and start our own Code 3 tradition!!!

Bottom Line: Read this one for the sex and laughs, but don't expect to be floored by the romance.