Certified Bed Reader...

...willing to go all night!
So Sensitive (Hard to Get #1) - Anne Rainey What happens when a sexy ex-military turned P.I. vows to protect the woman he's lusted after for months from a crazy stalker? A lot of sex and not much else.

I enjoy Anne Rainey's books, but for some reason this one hit every nerve I have. Starting with the plot, Gracie is being stalked. The guy emails her every three hours. He's clearly off-his-rocker and when she doesn't give up her second job, like he tells her to, the stalker causes Gracie to have an accident.

That's when Wade comes in. He's wanted Gracie for months and when he sees her after the accident, the guy turns complete caveman on her. I can't blame Gracie for accepting Wade's help; I'd want a guy like him on my side too if I were being stalked! As much as I loved his protectiveness, this is also the point in the book where it all fell apart for me.

Wade and Gracie spend more time having sex then finding out who is after her. I love a hot story, but this is so out of the realm of reality that I couldn't get over it. Wade brings in his business partner, Jonas, to help him. It takes half the book and Gracie's apartment being broken into (and very personally destroyed) before any investigating really takes place. I might have been able to overlook that if the dialogue read smoother. I love a dirty-talking hero. In fact, give me a hero who knows how to string together some seriously sexy words and I'll show you a book staying on my keepershelf! Wade didn't deliver the pillow talk. I found myself cringing more often than squirming!

I almost didn't finish it. The only reason I did was because of Jonas who, in my opinion, stole the show along with Wade's sister, Deanna. I want to see what's in store for those two! Their book, Pleasure Bound, is next up in this series, and I can't wait for it!