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Picture Perfect - Evangeline Anderson
Picture Perfect is the story of Melanie and Kurt; step-siblings who are denying a fierce attraction. Melanie is working her way through college as a model. Kurt's overprotective "big brother" routine lands them into an awkward situation when he accompanies Melanie on a job audition. Soon, they find themselves posing in a book of erotic exercises.

This book is in first-person pov. If you follow my reviews, you know how much I cringe at first-person in romances. Secondly, I'm not grossed-out by step-siblings or familial-types (ie. they grew up together and are like family) hooking-up. As long as there's no blood relation, I'm okay with it. Melanie and Kurt were in their late teens when their parents married -- just five years ago. So, it's not like they've been together as "siblings" since early childhood. I thought it was distracting how they kept bringing it up during the photo session. But what I found even more annoying was their Bill Clinton-view on what sex is! Penetration isn't sex if you don't go too-deep? Puh-leeze.

Despite that, I think the book earned 2-stars simply for the interesting sexual-position names! Well, that, and because I liked the ending.