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Hunter's Choice (The Hunters, #6.5)

Hunter's Choice  - Shiloh Walker Hunter's Choice has been on my Kindle for a month or so just waiting for me to give it chance. I gave in. I read it. Then, I read it again. Yes, it was that good.

Sara's on a mission to kill vampires before they get a chance to kill. A year ago, her twin brother and his wife (her best friend) were murdered by a vampire while on their honeymoon. Plagued by nightmares and alone in the world, she fights these soulless creatures. But she's unable to forget the one man who gave her solace after her family was taken from her. The one man who's passion consumed her.

Wyatt has missed Sara every single day since she left. He knows her pain and fears. But, as a hunter in The Council, he has to stop her from killing innocent vampires. In order to do that, he'll have to tell her he's one of the creatures she fears most.

I am hugely picky when it comes to vampire romances. I'm a Buffy fangirl from way back! I needed a support group when the show ended. Then, Mick St. John swept in with his sexy vampire bod and stole my heart in Moonlight. I cried when the show was canceled. This book was like the best of both shows! The Buffy references made me smile. Sara hides her loneliness behind weapons and a fearless attitude much in the same way Buffy did. Wyatt is strong and steadfast in his belief that not all vampires (and definitely not himself) are bad. He made me swoon every bit as much as Mick did.

I will not hesitate to read the rest of Ms. Walker's THE HUNTERS Series. In fact, I think I'll head over to Amazon right now...

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