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Real Men Wear Plaid! - Rhonda Nelson There are some obvious disadvantages to anthologies, especially in a category romance. One, the word count is so limited that penning a believable romance is next to impossible. Two, you get less time to connect with the characters. And three, did I mention the believability factor?

But on the flipside, there are some definite perks: hardly any angst or conflicts to muck-up the romance, and there’s always the love-at-first-sight bonus! Sigh. And, as is the case with this book, what woman wouldn’t like having a sexy Scottish hottie fall for her the second their eyes connected? Sign me up for that, pronto!

Rhonda Nelson’s REAL MEN WEAR PLAID is the story of MacKinnon brothers – Ewan, Cam, and Alec. The brothers are trying to find their own way; having backed away from running the very successful and lucrative family business.

The stories are all somewhat predictable, but in a good way. The hero and heroine meet, and by some kiss of fate they both realize there’s much more at work than just pure lust. I like the fact that Ms. Nelson gave us a happily-ever-after with each story in a way that didn’t have the characters rushing off to get hitched! I felt as if I’d just witnessed the start of their relationships -- as it should be at that stage of the game.

I can only hope/pray/beg that Genevieve MacKinnon (their sister) gets a story of her own! She’s worked hard to prove herself to their father; hoping against hope that he’ll look up and see she’s the one to run the family business. The epilogue at the end left me smiling and craving a little more from this sassy, strong-willed sibling.

Individual Story Ratings:

Overall Grade: B+