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Meet Me At Midnight - Janelle Denison Call it a weird coincidence, or elusive sleep, that had me up at midnight reading Janelle Denison’s novella, MEET ME AT MIDNIGHT. Whatever the cause, I was immediately drawn into this tender love story about best friends, Alyssa and Shane.

Shane’s been in love with Alyssa for years, but her fear of commitment has kept him from pursuing her. He’d rather be in her life as a friend than not at all. All of that changes four days from New Year’s Eve when Alyssa drops a bombshell. She’s ready to find a guy she can open herself up to emotionally and intimately! Shane’s horrified at the thought that she’ll follow through with her plan. He’s even more worried that she’ll latch onto, out of fear of being alone, the first guy who comes along. Shane launches a plan of his own to show her they’re meant –to–be. Shane is the kind of beta guy I like. He’s sweet, charming, good-looking, and definitely all man.

Alyssa has loved Shane forever. But unlike Shane, she’s unwilling to admit it. Seeing her mother’s grief after her father died has made Alyssa wary of love. She’s honest enough with herself to admit that Shane is the type of guy she wants. That honesty goes a long way in allowing herself to find love with him.

I’ve been a fan of Ms. Denison’s for a long time now. Her romantic timing could not be more spot-on. MEET ME AT MIDNIGHT is perfectly believable considering these two have danced around their love and attraction for years! Would I have liked more backstory on these two? Of course! Was it needed? No. Even with the page constraints of a novella, this story turned out beautiful with likable characters, gentle love scenes, and a happy-ending. I couldn’t ask for more.

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