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Ecstasy - Bella Andre From the moment I met Charlie within the pages of Bella Andre’s novella, ECSTASY, I knew he would be different. In a genre where alpha heroes reign supreme, it’s refreshing to meet a hero unbound by those standards. Charlie has spent the last 5 years living his dream of writing erotic fiction. He’s become an industry success and takes great pride in that fact. However, his dream has cost in unexpected areas of his life. Women run the minute they find out his profession; assuming that he is a perverted pig not worthy of their time.

These women were all wrong. Charlie is a stud, and an all-around great guy! The description Ms. Andre gives of Charlie is completely scrumptiousness! I liked that he wasn’t a tortured hero, that he still believed in love, and treated women with respect instead of only good for a quick romp in the sheets! He’s certain that “she” is out there. The minute Candace runs into him, sending them both collapsing to the ground at a writer’s conference, Charlie knows she’s the one he’s been waiting for.

Candace could’ve been the female version of Charlie. She’s new to writing erotica and the quintessential good girl. Her own love-life has taken a nose dive and her cheating ex-boyfriend was a complete jerk.

Each year at conference, the more seasoned writers pick a protégé to work with and offer advice to. Charlie picks Candace. This is where I became a little disappointed in the story. These two characters both wanted to remain professional for the duration of the lessons. I would’ve loved to have seen some serious sexual tension between them for a few while! Instead, they jumped into bed during the first lesson. I’ll forgive them simply because of the 7 – count them, SEVEN, girls – orgasms Charlie wrung out of Candace. Yes, all during one lesson. Whew, it was hot in that bedroom!

The story from there continues to play out with sexcapades that are hot, but a little annoying because Candace is constantly running away afterwards. Charlie is left confused and afraid to divulge his true feelings to her. Meanwhile, Candace is using their lessons to write the hottest book of her life. The more her feelings for Charlie grow, the more worried she becomes that he’ll believe she’s using him. Bits of Candace’s novel were peppered throughout ECSTASY. For the most part, I enjoyed this intriguing autobiographical look at Candace. We really learned who she through what she wrote.

The conflict made me cringe, but it was good to see it resolved so quickly in the end. I felt his reaction was genuine and mature. As a whole, ECSTASY is a fast-paced, fun, and sexy read, perfect for a lazy afternoon.

*Reviewed for UNDER COVERS*