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Bound To You

Bound To You - Bethany Kane Re-Read 09.2013 I forgot how much I loved this book! Sometimes, revisiting an old favorite just make me a happy girl. :)

Original Review 06.2012
Taking a direction off the beaten path was a bad idea for Jennifer Turner. When a man yells for her to stop, her initial reaction is to run from the rifle-toting stranger. And run she does...right over a sinkhole. She goes down, and soon the stranger tumbles in, too. Much to her relief, John Corcoran was carrying a cane--not a rifle--and doesn't appear to be a psycho. His take-charge attitude is a relief to Jennifer, who is nearing a panic attack at the speed of a runaway train. The Academy Award-winning actress has a debilitating fear of the dark. John has lived his entire life in the dark. Luckily he knows who Jennifer is, and recalls the incident that's made her so fearful. She needs a distraction...and he's more than willing to give it to her.

Have mercy, John will make all your naughty bits tingle! His blindness ratchets up the sensuality of the story. With the exclusion of sight, he focuses completely on touch, taste, sound, and scent. Now, think of those senses in relation to sex and tell me you aren't intrigued! He's inventive, too, and has more than one use for his cane. Mmmmm!

Jennifer is such a strong heroine. She may not feel that way at the bottom of a 20-ft sinkhole, with darkness closing in around her, but she is. I kept wondering what would cause her to be so afraid, and I had my ideas, but didn't even come close to the reality! Wow, I give Ms. Kane a standing ovation for making Jennifer not your stereotypical traumatized heroine! Then, to make Jennifer seem so down-to-earth and real was just icing on the cake.

In such a short novella, characterization is crucial to its success. I grew to love John and Jennifer quickly. Both had disabilities that could be construed as weaknesses, but instead, I felt made them stronger and more capable. That's a hard thing to do in a full-length novel; to accomplish it in so few pages really shows the talent Ms. Kane has. I'm anxious to look over Bethany Kane/Beth Kery's backlist and see what other gems I can find!

BTW: The ending may seem abrupt, even unfinished, but I really liked it. I thought it was nice to have a H/h get a HEA without confessing their undying love to each other after only a few weeks. There's no doubt in my mind John & Jennifer will have a long, happy life together.

5 stars!
Contemporary Erotic Romance