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Drop Everything Now (Picture Perfect, #3)

Drop Everything Now (Picture Perfect, #3) - Alessandra Thomas I was lucky enough to be given an advance copy of Drop Everything Now by the author. It's important to note I haven't read the first two books in this series (yet!) and I wasn't at all lost, so I'm guessing the books don't actually connect together or the connection isn't wrapped up in the storyline.

Andi rushes home to Vegas after her mother is injured in an awful accident. She meets Ryder at her hotel. Despite being distracted by her mother's condition, Andi can't help feeling a strong attraction to Ryder. He helps her find a place to stay and a job, pretty much is an all-around great guy to her. The chemistry is pretty hot from the get-go, but Ryder's holding back, afraid to reveal to her his second job as a stripper.

It reminded me a little of "Magic Mike," but with an actual plot that didn't make me yawn! Once the big secret is out, the story flows faster and everything heats way up. Very enjoyable read.