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Dragon Bound (Elder Races, #1)

Dragon Bound (Elder Races, #1) - Thea Harrison I want to live inside Thea Harrison's mind. No kidding! If she could just write me into this world and give me a big, hulking, alpha hero like Dragos, I'd be a real happy girl.

Read this book. Don’t diddle around expecting to hear it isn’t worth the hype. I’m telling you – as a former skeptic – it is! Pia Giovanni is the kind of heroine I love. Smart, strong, quick-humored, and capable of rational-thinking. Her inner-dialogue had me snickering nearly as much as her witty banter. Pia is no misguided heroine, even though she's made a few mistakes. She handles Dragos and his instincts almost effortlessly. They clash on his overbearing ways more than once, but she’s smart enough to know he means well. She isn’t afraid to correct his behavior or tell him he’s wrong. And the best part is, he’s man – or beast – enough to take it!

Dragos has lived for centuries and has never known love. For all his many capabilities, he’s sweetly clueless. First he’s smitten by this woman who has the nerve to steal from his horde! Then, he falls for her hook, line, and sinker. He has no idea what he’s feeling – except that he never wants her to leave him, and he knows he must protect her no matter what.

Dragon Bound is a fun adventure through a modern world where mystical creatures live naturally among humankind. The characters, the magic, the action, the mystery, the excitement of falling in love – it’s all found within these pages. This journey with the Elder Races is one I can’t wait to continue on. Next up, Storm's Heart with Tricks and Tiago!