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One summer - Karen Robards
Johnny Harris came from the wrong side of the tracks where he lived with an alcoholic father. As a sullen teen, with low self-esteem, he had a crush on his English teacher, Rachel Grant. Rachel was the one person who saw through his bad boy act. She's the only person who believed his innocence when he was accused of murder.

Johnny comes back to town, an ex-con with a chip on his shoulder. He's determined to find the real killer and to explore the feelings he still has for Rachel now that he can act on them. Rachel's strength and unwavering belief in Johnny never faltered no matter what anyone in their small town said.

I have read One Summer multiple times in the decade since I discovered it. Karen Robards transforms an everyday story into an unforgettable one by writing such a sexy, redeemable, bad boy. The romance is passionate, the sex is hot, and I never tire of the ending.