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Law Man (Dream Man, #3)

Law Man (Dream Man, #3) - Kristen Ashley Excuse me while I *sigh* for the wonderful Detective Mitch Lawson. I swooned the entire way through this book. He's a little softer around the edges than all the other KA heroes I've read, but that doesn't make him less perfect. Mitch is 100% alpha-male!

Living across the breezeway from Mitch, for 4 years, has been both heaven and hell for Mara. One, because the painfully shy woman has fancied herself in love with the yummy detective. Two, she doesn't believe she's good enough for him. And, three, because the parade of hotties he enjoys makes her certain she'll never be the woman he kisses at his door. I'll admit, at first, Mara's low self-esteem and irritating rating system ("He's a 10.5, I'm a 2.5.") really bothered me. I got where she was coming from even before I knew her backstory. When you're told for years that you're worthless, you begin to believe it no matter how many people tell you otherwise. When you're told that while you're a child, it's imprinted in your psyche and is damn hard to get rid of.

I soldiered on, and boy was I glad! When Mara takes on the responsibility of her little cousins, Billy & Billie, my heart opened to her. She pushed aside every doubt (even while having doubts) to take in those kids! My respect for her skyrocketed about the time she started referring to them as her kids. And Mitch, God love him, he dove right in and never looked back. I fell so in love with him; his support of Mara and how he was with Billy & Billie just did it for me. I was a sniffling fool throughout the book!

Just like with any great Kristen Ashley book, we get lots of family drama, wonderful friends, cosmos aplenty, the added suspense of a foiled kidnapping/successful kidnapping by the Russian mob, an alpha-hero that will make your heart race, and some hot lovin' between our H/h! For me, I, also, got to find out what Tack did (since I read Motorcycle Man before this one) that Mitch owed him for. It's a doosy!

Law Man is one for the keepershelf, ladies!

5 Big Ol' Stars!