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Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4)

Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) - Kristen Ashley In my early 20s, I hung around a group of bikers. They were my brother's "bros" and simply because I was his little sister, they took me under their wing. There I was, a book geek even then, around a bunch of badass bikers, their old ladies, parties complete with classic rock jammin' sessions and plenty of tequila to help you lose your inhibitions. I never let loose quite like Tyra did that first night with Tack (not for lack of trying by a certain biker badass named Bull...lol), but I can assure you, I felt as out of place in that world as she did!

Motorcycle Man was so much more than I expected! In fact, I hadn't even intended to read it when I did, but I was led to by some strange whim or gut instinct. Barely five pages in, I was hooked and couldn't put it down! Tack's scariness would light a fire in any woman's fight-or-flight response. And, let me tell you, Tyra does plenty of both. She alternates between verbal spars and trying to run. Tack loves her mouth, but he isn't too keen on her flighty ways. He refuses to let her leave on more than one occasion. In reality, this would be a red flag, but in KA World, it's done in a way that so friggin' sexy it'll melt you into a puddle of love for Tack! I hated when he'd grab her around the throat. He never hurt her, but it was such an aggressive move that it was hard to overlook it -- until KA wove her magic and left me in tears! Jesus, I did not expect that and it left me reeling in a wonderful way. Tyra, too!

While Tack does the majority of transforming in this book, Tyra has amazing character growth. When she turns all lady dragon on Tabby's (Tack's daughter) behalf, swear to God, I was rootin' her on! Tyra became a great heroine that may, at first, have seemed an odd match for Tack, but really is his dream woman. BTW, their chemistry sent me to a cold shower more than once! Whew, Tack wasn't only a dream man, he was a dream lover!

Motorcycle Man is littered with KA's trademark style. She has a way of writing beautiful moments and dialogue that leave an everlasting impression. MM is only the 5th KA book I've read. After book two, I realized she relies on the same speech patterns for all her heroes. After book two, I decided it would annoy me every book after. After book three, I realized it doesn't really matter because I actually like knowing what I'm going to find in a KA book. The uber-alpha possessive hot heroes, complete stories with H/h's learning to navigate their relationships, likely a heroine with some annoying personality traits, studded dialogue, amazing epilogues, and plenty of cameos from previous characters. It works for Kristen Ashley. And, it works for me.