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Breathe Me In (Ross Siblings, #2.5)

Breathe Me In  (Ross Siblings, #2.5) - Cherrie Lynn HOLD UP! I'm dropping out of life to read this book tonight! Didn't even realize it was coming out today, but that doesn't matter. Ghost...I'm yours. Be seeing you soon, baby!

Upon my return to life...
First, do I have to return? I really like it with Ghost. That biotch, Macy, doesn't deserve him. *sniffle*

This is not a standalone! Breathe Me In begins the morning after the Oh-My-Gawd-That-Was-HAWT Concert in [b:Rock Me|8135807|Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2)|Cherrie Lynn|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1273006270s/8135807.jpg|12932079]. It is imperative that you read that book before reading this one. If you don't, important events from [b:Rock Me|8135807|Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2)|Cherrie Lynn|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1273006270s/8135807.jpg|12932079] will be spoiled, and that'd be a huge disappointment. Read that book! Then, read this one. Then, continue on the journey with Macy & Ghost's full-story, [b:Leave Me Breathless|15748335|Leave Me Breathless (Ross Siblings, #3)|Cherrie Lynn|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1342660909s/15748335.jpg|21440678].

I love that Cherrie Lynn really gave us the start of Macy & Ghost; the cute texts, hanging out, and the sexiness. God, the sexiness. Yum! Backseat in a GTO never looked so good!

Fans of the series, I don't have to persuade you guys to read this. You already love Ghost. You do, right? *glaring* You better. This isn't going to disappoint you!

To Everyone Else: WTH are you waiting for? Read these books. Don't give me the stink-eye. I know I'm pushy passionate about these books! With good reason. They fuckin' rock! Oh, and they all have some of the best, most memorable, CURL-MY-TOES moments ever!

Damn. That got me worked-up, lol. I gotta go read Brian's story again...then, Ghost's. Or, maybe I'll just read my favorite *wink* parts.