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Shine Not Burn

Shine Not Burn - Elle Casey After Reading Blurb: This sounds awesome! I soooo hope I like this book.

After Reading First Few Chapters: Cheese. Total-effin'-cheese. This girl's humor is going to annoy me the whole book and I'm going to hate it!!!

After Finishing Book: I'm not a squeeing kinda girl, but I swear I'd squee right about now if I was! I LOVE THIS BOOK!

Yes, there's some cheesy humor. But there's also plenty of laugh-until-I-nearly-peed, spew-Dr. Pepper-from-my-nose/mouth, snort-like-a-pig (uh, not that I'd ever make that kind of sound), moments to balance out the cheesy stuff. One of my favorites is when Mack gets Andie on a horse for the first time:

I panicked, watching Mack get farther and farther ahead, worried my horse would run to catch up and dump me on my sorry butt. I'd probably fall right onto a snake, and with the way my luck was going, I'd land on him while he was sunning himself fang-side-up. My whole body tensed into a human-shaped board of solid fear.
The horse snorted and began walking backwards.
I yanked on the reins some more, trying to get her to stop, but she wouldn't listen. She just kept going faster in the wrong way.
"Mack!" I shrieked. "It's broken or something! It's in reverse! It's going in reverse! How do you make it go into drive!?"
He twisted in his saddle and started laughing.
I was torn between laughing with him and crying...

Oh, how I felt Andie's pain! My first time on a horse was spent alternately gripping the saddlehorn like it was my only lifeline and praying if I fell, it'd kill me on impact before the horse trampled me! LOL.

Let me tell ya, Mack and Andie have some serious chemistry! Mack knew, from the start, that Andie was the girl for him. I really liked that. They meet in Vegas, they get married, and then...well, two years go by. Two years where Andie doesn't realize she got married to her sexy one-night cowboy; not until she applies for a marriage license with her loser boyfriend. She tracks Mack down to get divorced and she doesn't stand a chance of getting out of Ohio with her heart!

If you're a fan of love, laughter, family, and friendships, this book is the one for you!