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Own the Wind (Chaos, #1)

Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley 3 Stars -- Contemporary Romance

It must be said, Kristen Ashley is a master storyteller. She has a gift for creating interesting characters and plots. Her alphas are always alpha and her heroines are (mostly) sassy and fun. But, I never pick up a Kristen Ashley book expecting anything different and, sometimes, that's the problem: there's nothing different! She recycles her characters (actual characters + characters with the same personality as other characters). She recycles her plots. And her heroes, those supreme badasses that make my heart flutter, are really just the same guy in different packaging. I know what I'll find when I load a KA book onto my eReader; not always a bad thing because, hey, who doesn't like (even recycled) alpha badassness? lol

My real problem with Own the Wind is going to be as much a surprise to you as it is for me. I didn't like the editing job! Let me rephrase, I didn't completely enjoy the editing job. I liked getting a more condensed, tighter, story. However, I felt like it studded her voice; the flow didn't work for me and some of her characters (eh-hem, Tyra) suffered because of it. There was a lot of passiveness that annoyed me and made me put it down. Maybe I'm just too hard to please, lol.

All-in-all, it was a good read. Just not my favorite!