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Wanted (Wanted, #1)

Wanted (Wanted, #1) - Kelly Elliott Seriously, the blurb is written better than the book. The dialogue isn't genuine to anyone, definitely not new adults. The guys talk entirely too much about their feelings. Way too many exclamations; I felt like they were yelling at each other all the time. There are too many contrived plot situations. I didn't like the characters and I really hated her brother; the way he treated her friend wasn't cohesive with the caring and responsible person he was portrayed as.

Examples of Dialogue (sorry it's lengthy):

“What’s up dude? Is everything okay?” I asked getting ready for the first punch to be thrown.
“Yeah dude its all good. Listen, I totally forgot I had a date tonight with Rebecca. I’ve been putting this off for weeks now. If I call her now and cancel..….” Jefferson said as he looked back at the house.
“Gunner, I hate to ask this of you but, can you stay home tonight and take care of Ellie? I don’t want to leave her alone. She has never taken these kinds of meds before. I mean I know I’m asking a lot out of you to sit and watch my sister. I think she would okay with it. Actually, I kind of think she might like you dude.”
“Jeff, man can I just ask you a question?”
“You know you can Gun…shoot.”
I ran my hands through my hair again trying to decide how you tell your best friend you are attracted to his baby sister you literally just met hours ago and he was about to leave you alone with her for who knows how many hours?
“Jeff, Umm, I mean I don’t mind at all staying home tonight, I didn’t have any plans but dude. You’ve never let anyone of your friends around your sister, matter of fact you threatened us with bodily harm if we ever laid a finger on her. So, now you’re just going to leave her here with me, alone when you use to make me leave anytime she would come over? I mean I think she is beautiful and, umm, I kind of…um, well I……..FUCK…..I don’t really know what I am trying to say here Jeff I’m confused as hell.” I said as I looked back up towards the house and then back at Jeff who was just standing there smiling.
Jeff let out a laugh that caught me by surprise.
“What the fuck is so funny?” I asked looking at him like he had lost his mind.
“Dude, you got it bad. So fucking bad you can’t even talk straight!” Jeff said as he laughed his ass off and I just stood there in stunned silence.
“You don’t think I didn’t notice the two you staring at each other all afternoon? Or the fact that Ellie was devastated by what that fucker did to her but five minutes after she saw you she was pretty much like, Ryan who?” Jefferson said as he let out another laugh.
“Wait, I’m so fucking confused because Ellie has always been off limits. Dude you told me once you would cut off my balls if I ever so much as looked wrong at her. Are you trying to set me up for something here? I mean, if you want a fight we can just head to the gym and duke it out Jeff. Fuck man don’t play around with me like this.” I practically begged him. Yeah.….something was not right here. I don’t fucking beg anyone for anything.
“Listen Gunner, you’re my best friend. You’re like a brother to me. I would lay my life down for you and I know you would do the same for me. If I was ever going to trust anyone with my sister it would be you dude.” Jeff said has he put his hand on my shoulder.


Gunner jumped in and looked over at me. Oh holy shit….there was that beautiful smile and he was just staring at me.
“What is it? What’s so funny?” I asked as I smiled back at him.
“Nothin’, you just look damn good sitting in my truck sweetheart that’s all!” Gunner said with a laugh.
“Oh okay!”


“Do you regret kissing me Ellie, because I don’t regret kissing you sweetheart, not one bit.”
“NO! God NO! It was one of the most amazing moments of my life. I will never forget that kiss for as long as I live. Of course I don’t regret it. I’m just…..you see…..well. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m not looking to get into a relationship right now. I mean….I really like you Gunner….a lot. But I think I need to just take it slow. I hope that you understand why I need time. With all the shit I just went through with Ryan and now my mom. I just need some time for me to figure out who I am.”
I looked over at her and she almost looked like she was going to cry. She had just gotten to where she was happy again, so I was not about to get her upset. Fuck it, if she needed time I would give her all the time she needed. I. Was. Not. Giving. Up. On. Her.


"Ellie's dancing with me..FUCK thats hot..her ass is grinding against my dick..urg I have such a hard on right now..I've never been so turned on before in my life..OMG I'm in LOVE with Ellie!! FUCK!!!"

Clearly, you get the idea. I hate giving bad reviews, but this one just went wrong for me at every turn.