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In Flight (Up In The Air, #1)

In Flight (Up In The Air, #1) - R.K. Lilley image

It's time to face facts: there is a place for overbearing, possessive, dominate, young billionaires in romance and they're not going anywhere. I tentatively began reading In Flight because I really don't have a good history with FSoG knock-offs, and pretty soon into the story, I knew that's what it was going to be. I kept reading because there was something about the story that drew me in, maybe it was the comfort of predictability. Whatever the case, I didn't find myself turned off by its similarities to FSoG and there are plenty of them at first.

James is a billionaire in his twenties with a need for control. He gives Bianca expensive gifts. He's protective and controlling but he doesn't divert into the land of crazy stalker! He has this really sweet, tender side to him that completely drew me in. Bianca is an innocent twenties woman, but IMO she has more of a backbone than FSoG's Ana. She isn't as immature as Ana was in the beginning of FSoG. There is no inner goddess, just a really fabulous best friend named Stephan. And I'm happy to say that, as the story progressed, In Flight came into its own!

James and Bianca both have traumatic pasts. Bianca's past is really unraveled during the story. The more I learned about her, the more I realized why she's become so guarded. She doesn't trust easily, it has to be earned. She stays away from men and relationships, with good reason. She keeps her emotions in check. James also comes with a terrible past, but it takes a bit longer to figure out his demons. James wants a sexual relationship and nothing more, even tells her he won't date her. However, he's so enamored by her and her aloof attitude forces him to break old habits and fight for what he wants -- her! I love the plan he devises to get her to open up to him -- an exchange of information; she gets to ask a question and in return, he gets to ask one. He's patient and doesn't push her. At one point, Bianca has a horrible nightmare, wakes up sick from it and stumbles her way into the bathroom. She's in the shower, furiously scrubbing herself when James comes in behind her, gentle takes over the bathing and comforts her with such a gentle hand that I loved him for it. It's moments like that that made me keep reading. He worries that he'll say something or do something to make her run and that made him seem vulnerable in a good way and not at all like an asshole.


There are some moments & quotes that leaned really far into the realm of ridiculousness. The worst being when James says, "I'm going to tie you to the bed and take your hymen." Uh, yuck. That's not sexy or erotic and I had to roll my eyes at that one. But, I kept reading and by the 80% mark I couldn't put it down! In the end, I was pleasantly surprised and hopeful that R.K. Lilley's Up in the Air series is going to come together to be something special.

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